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W.L. Gore | Happy Cog - Web Strategy, Design & Development

W.L. Gore & Associates (Gore)—best known for their GORE-TEX® apparel—is a global leader in fluoropolymers. Gore products are used in everything from athletic clothing, to surgical implants, and even cables on the Mars Curiosity Rover. Their extensive product taxonomy spans over 15 disparate industries.

The breadth of content along with Gore’s global company structure required the new design system and CMS be as malleable as their ePTFE polymers. Happy Cog worked with Gore to create a flexible, responsive website, unify Gore’s online properties, and humanize their product information.

A diverse group of products and industries surfaced the challenge of visual continuity. The Happy Cog team created a design system coupled with comprehensive documentation, giving Gore’s large team of content caretakers all the tools they’d need to create and maintain visual parity across dissimilar products and industries.

The Drupal build is maximally modular to expedite the process of creating new templates and pages.

The true stress test for the flexibility of the design system came after the initial US launch when the site began rollout worldwide. Each country with a Gore headquarters (and that country’s respective language) needed a digital presence consistent with its counterparts. Due to product availability, regulations, and language differences, the content on these sites wasn’t always a 1:1 translation.

To execute consistent experiences across the additional launches, Happy Cog led a content strategy workshop that was later translated and disseminated to Gore’s German and Asia-Pacific project teams. Happy Cog worked closely with Gore leading up to each international launch to be sure the robust CMS (and associated translation workflow) could accommodate nuanced differences in content across different languages and cultures.

They’ll be up at 7:30am for a phone call with Germany, and then again at 10pm with Japan to make sure we meet our deadlines.

—Gen Gurzenski, W.L. Gore

Despite team meetings spanning as many as five distant time zones at once, Happy Cog and Gore worked together seamlessly to navigate effective communication between global team members and develop a close, ongoing professional relationship.

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