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Revolutionary redesign—and then some.

Visit Philly

Revolutionary redesign—and then some. Visit Philly


Visit Philly

Visit Philly home page design

Redesigning was a passion project, because Happy Cog calls Philadelphia home. Happy Cog was thrilled to help the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation (GPTMC) refresh visitors’ perceptions of Philadelphia with a site that delivers a visually engaging design, simplified wayfinding, and a robust publishing solution. Happy Cog’s solution to upending preconceived notions of the city was to craft a stronger holistic portrait of the city featuring GPTMC’s untapped library of photo assets documenting the city in an editorial voice more consistent with a travel magazine.

Happy Cog tackled the user experience by modeling the trip planning process out step by step, resulting in a sublime balance between a planning tool and a rich category browsing experience, with logical support for taking action when and where it’s most appropriate.


  • Communicator, Award of Excellence, Visual Appeal - Travel/Tourism, 2011

  • Communicator, Award of Excellence, Structure & Navigation - Travel/Tourism, 2011

  • Communicator, Award of Excellence, Home Page - Travel/Tourism, 2011

  • Davey, Gold Winner, Websites - Outstanding Homepage, 2011

  • Davey, Gold Winner, Websites - Outstanding Tourism, 2011

  • W3, Gold Award, General Website - Tourism, 2011

  • W3, Silver Award, Web Marketing - Tourism, 2011

  • Travel Weekly, Gold Magellan Award, Website - Destination, 2011

  • Web Marketing Association, Non-Profit Standard of Excellence, Travel, 2011

  • IMA, Best in Class, Travel/Tourism, 2010

  • IMA, Best in Class, Marketing, 2010

Everything needed to plan a trip to Philadelphia is in one easy-to-find menu—and available on every page.

To manage it all and distribute content authorship across the organization, Happy Cog built an publishing platform appropriate to content managers of varied skill levels, while flexible enough to extend and integrate with social platforms and partner organizations. was enthusiastically received. It has been recognized for excellence with 12 awards and seen its yearly traffic and hotel bookings increase by over 30%.

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