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Locally sourced, soup to nuts.

TEDx Philadelphia

Locally sourced, soup to nuts. TEDx Philadelphia



TEDx Philly home page

Philadelphia is an ever-expanding, undeniable source of creative, pioneering, forward-thinking individuals. The TEDxPhiladelphia conference provides a platform for sharing these new ideas. The goal of the redesign was to make the TEDxPhiladelphia website more like the conference; an engaging, accessible, and sustainable infrastructure for the audience to discover new ideas and see upcoming events—even after the conference is complete.

From left to right: mobile home page, video search facets.

The TEDxPhiladelphia audience is comprised of dedicated citizens working to build a better Philadelphia. The new site was designed as a dedicated place for discovering ideas with an easy-to-browse video library. To keep the annual event’s momentum going throughout the year, the website was designed to be a consolidated home for year-round events.

Along with these new initiatives, the site also had to account for standard conference functionality like a speaker section and ticket sales. We used existing TEDx branding materials to inspire our design, and were sure to give the site an unmistakable Philadelphia visual distinction.

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