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Coin for your thoughts.

Nintendo of America

Coin for your thoughts. Nintendo of America


Club Nintendo home page

Club Nintendo home page variation

Club Nintendo is Nintendo’s official loyalty program. Happy Cog worked with Nintendo of America to redesign their existing Club Nintendo online experience to better serve their customers. The focus on the redesign was to assist customers in registering products, redeeming “coins” for rewards, completing surveys, and extending product warranties.

At the beginning of our engagement, members of Club Nintendo made up only a fraction of Nintendo’s customer base. The main challenge for the project was to create a platform that encourages Nintendo’s diverse customer base (spanning a wide range of ages and gamer types) to engage with Nintendo’s rewards program. A goal set to measure this was increasing membership by 10+% while encouraging members to stay engaged by logging back in.

Visitors experience clear messaging on how the program works: ways to earn coins, redeemable rewards, and the benefits of contributing to the Nintendo community.

To increase sign ups, we simplified the interface and sign up processes. We created distinct and easy-to-find landing pages that explained each aspect of the rewards program and how the visitor could benefit from them. From there, the rewards program included gamification where a member could earn more coins (redeemable for exclusive games) by registering more of their products or filling out customer surveys.

The logged-in view allowed for customization of the game-like HUD (heads-up display).

Product pages were cleaned up and optimized without the need to recreate and export new assets, which would have been a massive undertaking.

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