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A real estate search experience to write home about

National Realty Trust

A real estate search experience to write home about National Realty Trust


National Realty Trust - Coldwell Banker Preferred

NRT Home page screenshot

National Realty Trust (NRT), the nation’s largest residential real estate brokerage, owns and operates Coldwell Banker companies in 50 of the largest 100 metropolitan areas in the U.S. Its Coldwell Banker business thrives on a local level—thanks to office foot traffic, a well-established brand, and its real estate agents’ expertise.

Online was a different story: Running a network of 17 separate regional Coldwell Banker websites had not only watered down the company’s visual identity, but also made it difficult to compete with non-brokerage-affiliated websites and apps.

Together with NRT, we ambitiously planned for a consolidated responsive website that put user experience first. With a single site serving up all regions’ data, each user’s experience still had to feel local to the area in which they searched. Our system needed to be flexible and modular to account for regional requirements and varying property data. We carefully balanced giving users the tools to do their own research while fostering a personal connection with Coldwell Banker agents.

The browsing experience scales to any device.

All throughout our engagement, we tested prototypes with users and collaborated closely with NRT to ensure performance and interactions bettered the often stressful experience of buying a home. So that one day, those who find their home on would in turn list their own there.

The faceted property search is both modular and robust.

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