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Connecting educators & students in a responsive experience

McGraw-Hill Education

Connecting educators & students in a responsive experience McGraw-Hill Education



Home page design

McGraw-Hill Education

McGraw-Hill knows the benefit of staying ahead of the learning curve. A cornerstone of their strategy is the “Connect” product, a digital teaching and learning environment that saves students and instructors time while improving performance. Happy Cog worked with McGraw-Hill’s Connect product team and product subscribers to define a fresh-faced, responsive, user-centered experience that clearly answers the question, “What is Connect?”

The site’s navigation and structure confused users, and content did not speak effectively to primary audiences. Over-use of video, intended as an interactive element, actually reduced the effectiveness of the messaging. Video “hid” content and users couldn’t find the answers they needed.

Our redesign reflects a “show-don’t-tell” user experience. Relying on info-graphics and interactive elements, visuals reinforce the strengths of the product and provide users with key insights, further enhanced with customer testimonials.


As the first link on the main navigation, it was most important to further explain McGraw Hill Connect and the value that comes from bringing students and teachers onto the same page.

A multi-faceted, robust site search allows visitors to search by keyword, field of study student success stories, and more.

On curriculum detail pages, potential students can get a feel for what the Connect experience will be like, with clear calls to action to get started.

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