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Redesigning a responsive, scentsory, e-commerce experience


Redesigning a responsive, scentsory, e-commerce experience FragranceX



FragranceX is a global leader in online discount fragrance sales. The company differentiates themselves from their competition by offering great prices, attentive customer service, competitive shipping rates, and a worldwide delivery network, as FragranceX customers are global.

Before our engagement began, FragranceX sported an online presence with a vast catalogue of products—but the user experience was dated, built upon the Yahoo! Store e-commerce platform, which offered limited flexibility for customization. Symptomatic of the era, the site was not responsive (the site’s pages could not be viewed in response to the size of the screen or web browser with which it was being viewed). Additionally, FragranceX was in dire need of a brand refresh.  FragranceX reached out to Happy Cog for help, and we embarked upon a partnership to revamp the site’s design with the goals of revolutionizing their customer experience, increasing conversions, improving product search and discovery, and shortening page load times.

It’s most important to establish trust in an online shopping experience. The outward portrayal of FragranceX’s brand was tired, and website lacked polish and sophistication. While customers adored FragranceX’s prices and service, the site did little to convey a sense of trust, other than positive BizRate and Yahoo! Store bugs. Happy Cog conceptualized a series of logo executions, which resulted in a the creation of a modern logo and brand implementation guidelines. This was a crucial step in conveying trust. We also performed substantive quantitative and qualitative research to inform our user experience design work. Using the design principle, “Less is not more. Just enough, is more,” we worked with FragranceX to focus the site’s visual hierarchy, reduce banner blindness, and put more focus on their most important selling point—their products.

This was one of Happy Cog’s first projects to employ a sprint-based approach for rapid design iteration, resulting in the efficient creation of an aesthetic framework and structured HTML prototypes. Our work with FragranceX also earns the distinction of being one of Happy Cog’s first responsive design projects. Ever since the site was launched, FragranceX’s internal development team has been further evolving the site experience, improving performance and utility based upon the groundwork we built together.

Each product is dense with information. We worked to create a clear visual hierarchy that increased conversions.

FragranceX's customers visit the site through a variety of viewport sizes. It was crucial the redesign's e-commerce experience account for all screen widths.

One of the core goals of the redesign was establishing trust. A simple but powerful way we did this was establishing visual consistency between product pages and the checkout experience.

Their large product inventory became easier to browse with a clearer visual hierarchy.

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