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​AMC Theatres | Happy Cog - Web Design & Development​

AMC Theatres

AMC Theaters delivers the world’s premiere moviegoing experience through an unwavering focus on innovating and improving the event of enjoying a movie: best-in-class theatre amenities and concessions with new and exciting premium experiences (such as dine-in full service, reserved seating, and recliner seating) and a premium technology experience through industry-leading technologies and partnerships with Dolby® (Dolby Cinema™), IMAX and RealD 3D.

Happy Cog worked with AMC to redesign their website with a polished visual aesthetic that accurately represented an entertainment company of its caliber. The new user experience was laser-focused on what we called the “three Ts”: times, titles, and theatres. Making it easy for visitors to quickly find this content, make a decision, and take action was the best path to increase website conversions without reinventing the wheel.

Happy Cog redesigned, restructured, and streamlined navigation and wayfinding mechanisms for a renewed content focus—providing a fluid, logical, and consistent user experience.

The new user experience funneled visitors toward the “three Ts”: times, titles, and theatres. Visitors then quickly find this content, make a decision, and take action—increasing website conversions.

After our primary website work was complete, Happy Cog engaged with AMC Theatres for a subsequent eight-week retainer-based engagement to provide ongoing design services.

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