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Dana Pavlichko: Designer | Happy Cog

Dana designs, illustrates, writes, learns, bikes, travels, runs, and listens​

Dana Pavlichko


Dana is a designer and illustrator from Philadelphia. She’s designed for a wide variety of industries including higher education, children’s television networks, and global manufacturers. Design gives her the opportunity to continually learn—by picking up a new skill or immersing herself in a client’s industry. Dana is most excited about solving complex problems with orderly, flexible design systems.

A passion for the web and a lifelong interest in art inspired Dana to earn her BFA in Graphic and Interactive Design from Temple University’s Tyler School of Art. When she’s not designing, Dana is gardening, running, or making glittery costumes.

Dana's Articles

Positive Change
6 months ago
Positive ChangeArrow Icon
This is the natural time for reflection on the coming year. I’ve been thinking about…
Check Your Design Taste At the Door
8 months ago
Check Your Design Taste At the DoorArrow Icon
Rococo, sequins, Rupaul: The inner-me has a taste for over-embellishment. But as a designer, it’s…
What I Learned from Happy Trees
10 months ago
What I Learned from Happy TreesArrow Icon
When I watch someone else work, I see all the clever and messy little ways…
Content Strategy for Designers
1 months ago
Content Strategy for DesignersArrow Icon
Two weeks ago, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to attend Confab Central, the…
Help, I’m stuck!
3 months ago
Help, I’m stuck!Arrow Icon
I looked at my screen from far away, went for a walk, and took a…
Looking forward, looking back
5 months ago
Looking forward, looking backArrow Icon
It’s a new year, and yup! you’ve guessed it: I’ve got some goals. The goal…
Get to Know Your Work
9 months ago
Get to Know Your WorkArrow Icon
I decided to experiment with keeping a journal of my projects: an iterative, running log…
Writing Inkcouragement
1 months ago
Writing InkcouragementArrow Icon
Until recently, I haven’t had much experience writing. In my distant past there were English…