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Michael Johnson: Design Director | Happy Cog

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Michael Johnson

Design Director

Since joining Happy Cog in 2011, MJ has led redesigns for Harvard Business School, MTV, Nintendo, and Citi Bike, among others. As a creative director, his approach is noteworthy for challenging those conventions, habits, and ingrained biases which have contributed to the web’s homogeny. MJ believes sincerity, authenticity, and uniqueness of design are possible with active client participation, and to this end he structures presentations and workshop sessions to foster an open and equitable dialogue.

He’s also a practicing designer, with a split affection for local, vernacular arts (folk design) and international modernism. Additionally, lessons learned in a brief stint as a motion designer during his 17-year career have proven invaluable in adding extra dimension to our clients’ digital footprints.

Michael's Articles

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