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Mark Huot: Development Director | Happy Cog

A big fan of the Internet of “all the things”

Mark Huot

Development Director

As Development Director, Mark is involved in projects from kickoff through launch. Whether it’s sniffing out system requirements or building integrations into third party systems, there’s always something Mark’s involved in. He has built large-scale editorial systems for newsrooms, developed custom applications and plugins, and optimized server infrastructures. Always listening and learning, Mark’s ability to blend business processes into technical implementations allows him to make complex technologies approachable.

On the side, Mark enjoys working with Docker, Javascript, Lua, Objective-C, and CSS. He can occasionally be found on Twitter rambling on about programming, New England, or the Boston Red Sox.

Mark's Articles

A Webpack Pattern Library
7 months ago
A Webpack Pattern LibraryArrow Icon
I am very excited for the upcoming adoption of web components. They provide a number…
9 months ago
AutolayoutArrow Icon
I’ve had a love-hate relationship with grid systems over the years. Every system I try…
Cool under pressure
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Why are doctors sometimes considered “cool under pressure?” Is it because their personality is one…
Expressive Type for Copy Blocks
4 months ago
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How many times have you been coding a navigation and found yourself overriding the default…
My one true layout
8 months ago
My one true layoutArrow Icon
Recently I’ve been “evangelizing” Docker quite a bit among the Happy Cog developers. Sometimes that…
Be a better painter
10 months ago
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The past weekend I found myself in middle of the suburban maelstrom that is Saturdays…
Craft + Patternlab = Buzzwords!
2 months ago
Craft + Patternlab = Buzzwords!Arrow Icon
Craft is a flexible and powerful content management system (CMS) with a responsive interface content…
The Wearable Web
3 months ago
The Wearable WebArrow Icon
There’s been a lot of talk recently about experiencing the full internet on the latest…