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Greg Hoy: Principal | Happy Cog

A detail-obsessed go-getter with a hopeless barbecue obsession

Greg Hoy


Greg has been involved in digital design for over 20 years. He’s been managing teams since 1997, and started Happy Cog in Philadelphia in 2006. He writes and speaks about collaboration, work ethic, and the client service industry.

In 2012, Greg co-founded Bureau of Digital, an organization devoted to fostering collaboration between digital studios and agencies. The Bureau has hundreds of participating organizations with thousands of active professionals.

Greg’s depth of experience and eye for detail is a cornerstone of Happy Cog’s success. When he’s not working, he’s with his wife, two kids, and three Big Green Eggs.

Greg's Articles

Ditching Precious
7 months ago
Ditching PreciousArrow Icon
A philosophy our company has subscribed to over the years is to sweat every detail.…
R.I.P. Office
10 months ago
R.I.P. OfficeArrow Icon
I turn 47 this week. I think? Sorry. I stopped counting when I hit 21.…
Build Your Annex
0 months ago
Build Your AnnexArrow Icon
If you work in a small organization, chances are your org chart was (or still…
Crafting a Business Ecosystem
9 months ago
Crafting a Business EcosystemArrow Icon
Sure, do it for money. But just as importantly, do it for fun. We’re currently…
Doing It Our Way
7 months ago
Doing It Our WayArrow Icon
Ever since Jeffrey Zeldman founded Happy Cog in 1999, educating our industry has been a…
Hey Hoy!
0 months ago
Hey Hoy!Arrow Icon
Before I published a few posts and contributed to a podcast or two offering lo-fi…
Good work isn’t enough.
5 months ago
Good work isn’t enough.Arrow Icon
When I was a young designer, I always asked other people how they got noticed…
1 months ago
AlwaysArrow Icon
For this week’s installment of Cognition, I thought I’d share some random thoughts as the…