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Dave DeRuchie: Client Success Director | Happy Cog

A hopeless idealist, combatting surliness with dad-Jokes & a can-do attitude

Dave DeRuchie

Client Success Director

Over the past 25 years, Dave has applied his training in logistics, spatial analysis, and information systems to problem solving in hard goods, finance, healthcare, and technology. He strives to live rationally, reasonably, empathically and use the intellectual tools that critical thinking offers to analyze, assess, and improve our clients’ thinking to define the “what” of their projects.

His passion for doing the best job possible is fueled by his desire to help our clients realize their business goals by treating their business as if it was his own.

Dave's Articles

Connecting KPIs to Goals and Objectives
6 months ago
Connecting KPIs to Goals and ObjectivesArrow Icon
On October 5, 2016 I published an article in Cognition entitled Deciphering goals and objectives.…
Deciphering Goals & Objectives
9 months ago
Deciphering Goals & ObjectivesArrow Icon
Recently I’ve noticed that the terms “goals” and “objectives” are being used interchangeably in requests…
How profitable is your staff?
11 months ago
How profitable is your staff?Arrow Icon
High fives all around—you’ve just launched another website. It’s truly cathartic when a team’s work…
Client Dis-service
11 months ago
Client Dis-serviceArrow Icon
The digital design space is unique, because it is an industry of largely positive dialogue…
Search to Show We Care
2 months ago
Search to Show We CareArrow Icon
As many of you may know April is Autism Awareness month. As noted on the…
The digital agency is dead. Long live the digital agency.
5 months ago
The digital agency is dead. Long live the digital agency.Arrow Icon
In a mad dash to join all things product many are taking their design or…
The Web: yesterday, today
8 months ago
The Web: yesterday, todayArrow Icon
The beauty of web was pure once Design and dev in an unexplored medium A…
11 months ago
CoglaborationArrow Icon
Like many agencies, Happy Cog works with strategic partners and freelance professionals to supplement resources…