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Remote but not distant

Happy Cog Philadelphia office


Kane Street & Tompkins Place - Brooklyn


Grand Rapids, MI

Grand Rapids

Where you want to be

Happy Cog is a distributed company, which means our practitioners are anywhere and everywhere. And wherever you are, that’s fine with us. We feel a company should work with your life, not dictate it. And as WeWork members, we have access to coworking spaces in just about every major city in the world. It’s a pretty sweet setup if we say so ourselves.

Many of the web’s most influential practitioners and thought leaders have made Happy Cog part of their careers throughout our nearly twenty-year history. Our number one asset is, and has always been, our people — expert communicators, thoroughly devoted to their craft, with an unwavering devotion to helping our clients succeed. And we’re always interested in making our team even better. If you’re an experienced web professional with exemplary communication skills, and you’re interested in helping shape our future, we’d love to start a conversation.

Thanks for thinking of us.

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